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Keep your nose on the joy trail

“Keep your nose on the joy trail.”

Words of wisdom from Buffy Sainte-Marie.

And my guiding inspiration for this whole website and blog project.

The whole point is to remind me to notice what creates happiness. And to focus on that.

Buffy offered up those words in this recent CBC Tapestry interview exploring her spiritual beliefs.

I only discovered her after she won a 2015 Polaris prize for her album, Power in the Blood. Songs like We Are Circling electrified me. In it she sings her view on life, on how we grow and how we can forgive ourselves and each other. It is sweet and wise.

We are ripening
Ripening together
Babies, elders, bozos and angels
This is how we grow
This is how we get to know
This is family
This is sacred

Those are  some of the lyrics. And here is how Buffy explains it: “As each of us learns and ripens, we affect everything around ourselves. I believe it’s true even for the guys we love to hate. Pick someone you don’t like… even that person is ripening.”

Buffy has another great aphorism in an earlier song of hers. She’s responding to people who say you can’t do or have what brings you joy in life:

Some will tell you what you really want ain’t on the menu
Don’t believe them
Cook it up yourself and then prepare to Serve them.

Damn good advice.

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